Imposter Syndrome Necklace


There is so much to be impressed by when looking at this stunner. This boulder opal may be my favorite I’ve ever owned, it was to make the decision to use it. Each trail of diamonds leads to a hand-made paper clip style chain. The golden fig leaf swings nicely below the stone and freehand-carved edges. I branded this perfectly imperfect necklace by inscribing “imposter syndrome” on the back. For so long I felt like a fraud as a jewelry maker. In some ways I still do. I know so many people tend to feel this way. Fake it till you make it, they say.

Materials: 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, Australian boulder opal, two 2.4mm diamonds, and four 1.68mm diamonds.

Measurements: chain is approx. 17 1/4” long; overall length of 10 1/2”; and pendant is 2” long by 1 1/8” wide.